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Written by Kelly Barbour   
Thursday, 26 April 2012 14:20

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Over the last few months, the WEA has been working with Primary Schools to encourage adult learning within the remit of the extended family.

The schools in particular were able to source their own funding for short courses to happen and the WEA worked closely with them to arrange programmes to accommodate their needs.

One example included a programme which was arranged as part of the “Extended School Cluster” for the Moyle Cluster. Parents from two primary schools wanted to find out more about the context of “learning” so that they could better support their children at school. The WEA tutor worked with the parents to negotiate the content of the course and they covered a range of issues about Key Skills, learning styles, ways to help build children’s confidence, how to keep children interested in learning, amongst other things.

Another short programme happened with two schools in Belfast: St Bernadette’s Primary School and Black Mountain Primary School. These sessions were part of a wider programme organised by the schools called “Families and Schools Together”, and the mums (who were the students) addressed issues relating to their sence of “Belonging": by looking at their identities and how the places that they have come from or belonged to have impacted on them, their stories and how they have been shaped as a result of “place(s)”. This project was funded by the Dublin Foreign Affairs Office.

The WEA is keen to develop our links with Primary Schools, with the Extended School provision. If your school would like to know more about these or other approaches to family learning and how we might be able to work together to achieve this, please feel free to contact Kelly Barbour on kelly.barbour@wea-ni.com to discuss ideas or potential options.