Written by Colin Neilands   
Wednesday, 14 March 2012 13:03

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Adult Learners’ Week is an annual celebration across the UK and this year falls between 12-18 May. In Northern Ireland EGSA acts to promote and co-ordinate information and events – see

This year the Forum for Adult Learning NI (of which WEA is a partner and acts as secretariat) is seeking to give the celebration an extra push. With the imminent demise of the Dept for Employment and Learning it is important to remind our politicians and other decision-makers of the importance of adult learning and how vital it is that it is supported  - particularly community provision which is more vulnerable than statutory provision.

The WEA would like to ask its members and other supporters to think how you could do something during the week to raise the profile of adult learning. Events do not have to be big or costly – they could just be the arrangement of the presentation of certificates, or the launch of a new learning programme or the invite to a local politician to come visit your centre and see classes in operation. Whatever you plan please make use logos found on our Offical Logos page, so that it is clear that you are supporting ALW and please also contact EGSA so that your event is incorporated into the overall calendar of events for the week.We would also encourage you to contact the local media and make sure that your MLAs and councillors know about the event or attend.

The WEA will also be organising events during the week and you will be able to follow news of these on our website.

Please help us to tell all the fantastic stories of adult learning that we know are out there and let us all work together to secure the future of adult learning in NI.